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Lovingkind Memorials


Lulu was a sweet and gentle giant. Her absence leaves a painful hole in my heart. I will always love and miss her.

Kiley Belle

Oh, my sweet Kiley Belle. Our gentle giant. You are missed far more than words can say. We cherish every memory we have of you. You had the most loving and loyal spirit. How blessed we were to rescue you when we did. You never met a stranger, and you made this world a better place just by being in it. I hold you in my heart, sweet girl. Until we meet again…


6/30/2005 – 6/20/2021

I have lost part of my heart and soul that can never be replaced. My constant companion that gave me fulfillment when my life was at it’s worst and at it’s best. She was my person and I was hers. I hope you are running free again and have no pain. Will see you again, my love, on the other side! A void now exists in my life, but will treasure your memory forever.


On a hot August day in 2006, Harley followed me across a parking lot to my car. After a few moments and meows, I scooped her up and brought her home. From day one, she followed us from room-to-room, always wanting to be in our laps, beside us, or in the middle of everything. We celebrated holidays and birthdays with her. For 15 years, Harley filled our home and hearts with love.

And now, we have this incredible sadness… we miss you Harley and and we love you.


SPOOKY ,I will never forget you. You chosen me to take care and love you. You was there when I was at my lowest. Seem to know my emotion. I miss you Spooky.
Love mom


My sweet Girlfriend, losing you has gutted me. In your final weeks, I kept finding myself thinking “this is so unfair,” before reminding myself that I have never believed in a world that promises fairness. But you deserved to be exempt from that, and I guess I believed you would be. Thank you for loving me and being such an amazing companion. I miss you completely.


Eli was our best buddy for 15 years. He had the biggest heart and was always a gentleman–even when surrounded by little kids who always wanted to give him a hug. We miss him terribly.


Rascal, one of our first fosters, was a real life rascal. He was special to us for 14 yrs. We miss you, handsome boy. In our hearts forever.


We adopted this sweet baby at 10 years old from a shelter where she was surrendered by her owner! Apparently, her neurological issues were too much for the owner. Mallory lived in our home for two years and thrived with our other three dogs. I have adopted, fostered, and volunteered in shelters for over forty years, and this pup was hands down the sweetest I had ever met! Loved everybody and everything! Run free sweet girl, you are missed so much!


10/22/2007 – 6/28/2021
Saying goodbye to our sweet, loving Radar was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. Radar was a kind soul who loved everyone he ever met. His gentle spirit and fun-loving presence will be greatly missed. Fly High Sweet Boy 💙


Kiwi (or fondly known as OG Fat Fat….he was 22lbs at one point) was with our family for 17 years. Every single pet we have ever had was brought in (and three were lovingly led out) with our little chunk butt. He was the cat that all our cat-hating friends loved. He loved belly rubs and toe rubs…..any rubs. He was the one to break our rescue pittie of his cat aggression (they became inseparable friends over the six years they knew each other), and he was one of the first pets I was lucky enough to share with my stepson and husband. He will be sorely missed but always remembered.


He held on to the very end, walking to the door every day to greet me as I woke up in the morning and arrived from work, even though his body was slowly betraying him. He kept trying to eat even when it was hard for him, because I would kindly ask him to try to eat a little more. He was a stubborn cat and loved life. He was not a friendly cat by nature, but always knew when something was troubling me. Like when I lost my job, my business, lost my brother & other times. He was an indoor cat, but his last moments were outside in the grass where he always loved to explore, as the vet pulled up to my house. He passed peacefully & painlessly in his home, because I promised him I would never take him in a car ride again.


Our sweet Duke, our son’s constant companion. We’ll never forget you.


Sweetest girl- we miss you and love you. Rest easy ❤


Lucky was patient with all the crazy animals we’ve had. She was easy going and loyal. I know we’re not supposed to have favorite children but I did. She was my favorite.


Denali, there are no words to describe how much you will be missed and what a perfect dog you were. 11 years still didn’t seem long enough, but we’re thankful you aren’t in pain anymore. We hope doggy heaven has snow storms just for you. Love you always


SOMEONE ONCE SAID that having a good dog brings you years of joy and happiness, and companionship, followed by a single day of crushing anguish and sorrow; and after that, weeks of unbearable grief and prolonged mourning.

They were right.

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This is my beautiful Zoey. I miss her so much but I do have beautiful memories. It just hurts right now.


Abby will always be remembered as the sweetest and most loyal best friend a family could ever ask for. She has made such an imprint on our hearts, she will be loved by us forever. Her angel will walk beside us always. We love you Abby! Forever and always.

Ella May

This is Ella May when she first came into my life at 5 weeks old. She was my faithful companion and protector for over 14 years. She had a big personality and was very sassy. The two things she loved most were food and her friends. She will be greatly missed.


This is my beautiful little Cookie. She was with me for 16 years and kept me company after my children left home. My house is so quiet and empty now. She was a very affectionate cat and would either lay next to me or lay on me if I was on the sofa or bed. If I had to be away for a day or two, when I got home, she would follow me around like a little dog. I am absolutely devastated at her loss. She will forever be in my heart.


Rest In Peace to Javi, a spunky, loving little guy until the end. He blessed this planet and my family for almost 18 years with his sweet presence and gentleman-like charm. He truly was a big playful dog trapped in a small dog’s body. Javi, you are already so missed. 💜


Nala… You always were the sweetest-natured kitty. We had 17+ years together and loved having you as part of the family. Sending you off now with a light heart and our love.


Momo, you were my sweet little lady. You lived your life with a quiet, peaceful disposition, content and happy to just be yourself. You loved being in my lap, sharing your warmth. I’d give anything to sit and hold you again. I hope you feel just as at ease now as you did here with me. I love you always.


One January, over 16 years ago, I scooped up a 10 week old feral kitten out of the snow, brought him home with me to my “first place,” named him Hobbes, and watched him grow to become the most affectionate house cat you’d ever come across. I’ve had people comment “Boy, you can tell that cat really loves you.” It’s mighty high praise to be so outwardly loved by a cat that other people notice. For all the love he gave me, I returned it just as much. He was my baby boy (even at age 16). He has been with me for nearly my entire adult life and now I really have to learn what my life looks like without him in it. I look forward to the time when joy of the memories out stripes the pain of the loss, but I will love him and miss him forever and always.


Rest easy, sweet Pepe. Even since we brought you home in 2006, you were the best cuddle buddy, ice cream thief, and conversation companion. We love you and miss you.


I love all of my fur babies but Cache was probably my favorite dog ever. Just a gentle giant. He caught everyone’s attention when ever we took him out. Some would run because of his giant size, others would ask if they could take a picture of him/with him. His bark was loud and deep (like echoed in our quiet neighborhood) but I assure you, he was the biggest lover and probably wouldn’t hurt a fly. Always wanted to be by his humans. He lived for cookies/treats, steak and pizza nights. Your life was cut short, but we made the best of it. Run free my boy. We will see you again one day buddy. Until then, love you my hammy ❤


Our sweet Bailey girl blessed my husband and I with over 11 years of her presence. She was the sweetest and most gentle lab. She brought joy to everyone she met with her Eeyore like demeanor and calmness. I could not watch her you suffer even for a day. We are sad that our new little one didn’t get to meet you in August but thankful for the time we had together.


Max, you came into our lives at 12wks old and you gave us 13 wonderful years of unconditional love and being a great brother to Coco. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog to walk by side for all those years. It just wasn’t long enough and I miss you deeply. You never met a stranger and loved everyone. You will forever live in hearts.


We got Spader at 9 weeks old and loved him until the end, just short of 15 years. He loved us, his two dog brothers, taking walkies, and sitting in the warm sun enjoying himself like Ferdinand the bull. He had so much personality and heart. We’ll miss him dearly.

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