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?/2014-7/18/2024 Bear was the kindest and calmest cat. We adopted him from the Goochland animal shelter in 2015. He was a friend to anyone – person, other cat, or dog. He always could tell when someone was upset and would come sit with them and offer comfort. Even with all that fur he loved laying in the sun and sleeping on blanket covered laps. He was one of a kind and we miss him so much.


Our sweet Cali girl, we miss you so much. We were so lucky that she showed up on our deck ten years ago and chose us to be her family. She was so dedicated to us that she went from being an outdoor cat to an indoor cat and moved with us. She loved her home, her toys, our bed, and sleeping with us at night and most of all, she loved us thoroughly. She was so sweet, loving smart, and had such a loud purr. We miss her greeting us when we come home. She loved being cuddled, held, and getting kisses and she would give us nose “kisses”. She has been so much a part of our lives and she loved us thoroughly. We miss everything about her. We are not sure how we got so lucky to spend these years with her and are so grateful for that. We love you Cali and know you are at peace. We’ll see you on the other side of the rainbow bridge.



Bryce (2013-2024) – “No longer by my side, but forever in my heart.”


Oh, my Elisa.

Daniel and I were going to Petsmart for Dougie in 2014 and they were having an adoption event. We had talked about getting Doug a sibling for a while but had no real plans. My sweet Elisa was in a crate and I swear to jeebus we locked eyes from across the parking lot. It felt like kismet, which I decidedly don’t believe in. Dougie’s curmudgeonly butt took to her immediately, speaking volumes about her character. I had always wanted a dog that smiled. She was the decision that made Daniel, Dougie, and I a little family.

She was a proper mutt/hound mix huntress. In her heyday, she was the scourge of chipmunks, squirrels, anything that came into the yard. I’m convinced that the skinks of Dunston Avenue still tell stories about the battle hardened generations of their tailless ancestors to this day.

She was also the sweetest (to humans). She had that “never met a stranger” personality. Genuinely, I have never met a more empathetic dog. If anyone in the house was upset, she could find you. I was crying in the weird unfinished basement of our first house once after a shit day (and she would never, ever come down there). She came and found me and pushed into my lap. All my niecephews grew up around her and she was so very loved. Sleepovers nestled between them were her favorite thing. She got an entire two weeks at the beach without her little siblings last year, sleeping in a queen bed, living her best life.

Last week, we found about her battle with cancer when it was already too late, despite being so very diligent with her various health issues over the last few years. We are reeling with how fast this loss happened, and keep thinking we’ll wake up. At the same time, we are so, so grateful that she was still tail wagging, loving on her brother, and barking at her sister until the very end. Her last day on this earth, she was cuddled nonstop and introduced to no fewer than three new types of cheese. We should all be so lucky.

My sweet girl, you brought so much joy to my life and to that of so many others. I’m going to miss you forever. 💔

The Dowager, Elisa Abattoir Bilius Merbles Qwijibo Schmutz “Tha Murdaliza” Patenaude

2009(ish) – April 17, 2024



When you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face. Your hands again caress the beloved head. You look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then… you cross the Rainbow Bridge together.




The Best Dog of All
By Kelly Roper

Loving and loyal,
A friend through and through,
How in the world can I
live life without you?

I’ve known you since you
Were just a scrappy little pup.
Fighting to survive,
And you never gave up.

I watched you grow into a
beautiful canine friend.
Back in those days,
I could not imagine this end.

But now it is all over,
And you’re truly gone.
Somehow I’ll find a way
To try to carry on.

Perhaps one day I’ll find
A new puppy who,
Will become my dear friend,
But she’ll never replace you.

I’ll keep your little photo
hung up on my wall,
And I’ll always remember you
As the very best dog of all.
Forever in hearts❣️



Chopper we missed you. You were able to communicate with us and made our life happier every minute you were with us. You will be at great place like this home if there is after life. We missed you…..your loving family.



Hooch, the incredible wonder dog. Rescued by my Son & Daughter. Taught us more than we would have ever imagined.



I watched my sweet baby born 13 years ago. I picked her out of her liter. She loved to chase deer, squirrels and our inside kitties. Our cat Bella Mae is 2 years old and has grown up with Freddie and looks for her every day. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about these amazing people at such a sad time.



This is a nice poem that gave me some peace when our sweet Casey lost his battle with nasal cancer.

“Windows in Heaven” by Jerry Wayne Baldwin

It’s my first day in heaven,
And what a beautiful place,
You’ll be glad to know,
There’s a smile upon my face,

The moment I left you,
Two angels in white,
Carried me up here,
To heaven that night.
All those stories you hear ,
About rainbow bridge are true,
But you don’t walk over it,
The angels carried me through,
There’s a gate at the end,
Made of pearl,
It must be the biggest gate,
In the whole world!
Once I got in
I started looking around,
You just won’t believe,
All the neat things I found!
The first place they took me,
Had to be the most fun,
A humongous field,
With miles and miles to run!
Once I was tired the angels said,
We’ll take you to your new home,
But first we need to stop by this place
Full of tasty bones,
They told me to take one with me,
But one is all I need,
Because every good thing lasts forever,
Up in heaven you see,
They took me to my new house,
It took my breath away,
Most beautiful place I’ve ever seen,
With a huge yard to play,
They said come on lets go inside ,
And have a look around,
They took me to the bottom floor,
You won’t believe what I found,
The floor of my house is a window
And you won’t believe the view,
See my house it sets right over yours,
So I can still keep an eye on you!
I was so worried about you,
When I went away,
Now I can watch you every second,
And know that you are okay!
So the next time you are missing me,
This is what you do,
Step outside and look straight up,
Because I still have my eye on YOU!



Clifford was a pure soul and only wanted to love and be loved. When you adopt a senior dog you don’t really know how much time you’ll have with them, but I’d adopt Clifford again in a heartbeat, and ten more like him. He bonded with us instantly at 13.5 years old and fit in our household perfectly. We’ll miss his nosey nose and hearing his footsteps follow our every move.



God broke the mold when he made this Jack Russell. He just celebrated his 17th birthday. Anyone who’s been loved by a JRT knows they grab you by the heart and DON’T LET GO. Rest in Peace Diesel. We’ll always have the memories and pictures to cherish your life and legacy.


Mindy was such a sweet, special dog. She made it to age 12 year and was unfortunately taken from us quickly due to cancer. I’ve had her since she was 3 years old and the last 9 years together have been wonderful because of her. I’m so glad she does not have to suffer any longer, but she will be missed dearly. I love you so much Mindy.


Sammy was the perfect dog. We love him so very much. He will always be in our hearts. Thank you Dr. Dahlgren for your support and kindness you gave Sammy and our family.



My sweet Choco. It was so hard to say goodbye to you yesterday. But at least you are no longer suffering. You were and always will be my best friend. I love you always and forever. We had 12 great years together and though I wish it was longer, you had an amazing life filled with love and adventures. Rest in peace my sweet pup in doggie heaven.

Love, Dad

I have chosen to leave a flower for this memorial 💐

Choco, nothing has been the same since you left, but it’s a relief knowing you’re no longer suffering. Your infectious energy and loving kisses and cuddles will be dearly missed, but your energy and spirit will be with us always. I’m so glad we got to know and love you for these 12 glorious years and give you the life you deserved. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. I love you, Choco. Forever and always. 💕🐶

– Maggie Edwards

I have chosen to leave a flower for this memorial 💐

I was lucky enough to be Choco’s aunt, and I am heartbroken that he will no longer be on this earth. His wagging tail and his happy face always made me feel so loved. He was a special pup, and he loved so fiercely and so sweetly. His loss is massively felt by the many people (and dogs!) he touched. He made life better and he took great care of his dad. We will always remember how he made us feel and we will miss him dearly. RIP sweet Chocs- we love you. ❤️

 – Abigail Edwards

I have chosen to leave a flower for this memorial 💐

Sweet Choco,
I am so grateful to have had the privilege to get to know you during our ‘puppy parties’. You’ve left a permanent mark on my heart and I’m so appreciative. I hope you and Poppie are rough housing and carefree together. Thanks for bringing joy into my life; I love you as one of my own.
Love, Leah

Leah Nesgoda



My words before I had to say goodbye forever:
My dear and cherished friend,
we have to say goodbye today.
We knew this day would come.
I tried to prepare myself and you did your best to help me,
But in spite of all the efforts made
the reality of this day shatters my heart.

Ours was a love tenderly molded and cultivated,
rooted in unwavering trust and strengthened with joy.
Standing firm and unwavering
against the hardships and fears we faced together.

Almost 17 years, my friend…
Seventeen years you were my constant and steadfast companion.
You never doubted me.
You never judged me.
And always, you loved me.

You shared my happiness,
You shared my pain,
And always, you loved me.

You comforted me when I needed comfort,
You scolded me when I needed it,
And always, you loved me.

You asked very little of me.
A place for you to rest your head.
A simple meal, cool water,
…occasional moments of play.
a window, to safely view the world.
In return I received more love from your tiny heart
than I imagined could fill the world.

These last few days were hard…
…today is unbearable
I fervently pray I handled it all as you would have it.
I hope I gave you dignity,
I hope I gave you peace.

I hope my love will bare you gently and lovingly
to the foot of the rainbow bridge.
I hope you’ll feel me cradle you in my arms,
and that I’ll hold the last pulse of your tiny heart in my hand.

Thank you my dear and cherished friend…
Thank you for your trust in me.
Thank you for sharing your last breath with me.
Thank you for sharing your precious life with me.
And most of all…
thank you for loving me.

I have chosen to leave a flower for this memorial 💐

Your poem to Bob brought me to tears. Sending you all of the love to navigate through this grief.

Lindsay Morris

I have chosen to leave a flower for this memorial 💐

Bob was one of the sweetest cat’s I knew. He was my daughter’s cat but part of the entire family. I ove him very much.
He was very lucky to have such a loving mother. Rachel took the best care of him. I was with Bob when he crossed the rainbow Bridge. He looked very peaceful and out of pain. I will remember Bob and love Bob ♾️





Death ends a life, not a relationship.” “A pet is never truly forgotten until it is no longer remembered.” “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” “Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened. Gone but never forgotten.


I am tardy in writing this memorial to you. Each time I have tried, I cry so much that I have kept delaying this. But you were such a wonderful pal and companion that I felt that it would be good to write it down. You came to us after your first family returned you to the rescue group. Larry knew as soon as he saw your running and playing that you were meant for us. The next day you were ours. We had eleven great years with you and you with us. The memories are so precious. All of our daily three mile walks, hanging out together, running errands, all the trips traveling the east coast from Maine to Florida. You were amazing during all of our car trips, hotel visits, house rentals, and you always took joy in exploring new places. When we traveled without you and you stayed with your favorite dog sitter and his dogs, he always shared fun pictures of your adventures there but the greeting when we returned was the best ever. That noisy and amazing doggy happy dance that was part “I thought you’d never come back” and part “What were you thinking leaving me”. I swear we though you sometimes were cussing us out.

As our life progressed together, we thought we would have so many more years with you. You were aging but still so active, energetic and puppy like. We were looking forward to caring for you in your old age. But your life took a different turn when you were diagnosed with an aggressive heart tumor. We are so fortunate to have had the extra two months with you and to say goodbye with you at home. We miss you every day. You will remain in our hearts and memories forever.


Tiggy (Tigger)

She passed away peacefully in my arms. Our little overcomer survived so much in her 16 years and used all of her nine lives.

While we were living in South America, she fell seven stories, broke her back and tail, was put together with cardboard and tape; she had cancer three times and kicked its ass twice. She lived in three countries and two continents. Tiggy had more love to give than any other and she welcomed all my snuggles and kisses. She knew all my stories because she was my confidante. She was my co-worker, always beside me as I worked.

She was the best cat. Every cat is the best cat.



We adopted Hazel as a young but fully grown dog in December 2005, and we said goodbye in November 2022, meaning she lived an astounding 17+ years! A long life for a larger dog! She was a tough girl despite her “pretty in pink” appearance. One time she chased our other dog under the deck and didn’t duck far enough, whacking her head, and just kept right on running! She also is our dog who infamously “ate the linoleum floor,” as she must have found a piece that was torn and proceeded to tear up the entire floor one day while we were at work! Those are just a couple of her antics from her long life. Hazel was a super good girl and we never had to worry about taking her places as she was always the best behaved of our pack. She was a miracle dog, surviving getting clipped by a car when she escaped our yard after a fallen tree limb knocked down the fence, and she was a two-time cancer survivor. Old age, cognition issues, and a third cancer finally told us it was time for Hazel to go join her best pal Oscar over the Rainbow Bridge. It has been very hard adjusting to life without a dog that has been a part of the family for such a long time, and Hazel will be forever missed!


After a horrible life, Millie came to live with me at 13. Over time she learned how to be a dog and a charming companion. We had 4.5 years together and now she is with the stars. We thank you Dr. Dahlgren for your loving kindness to us both.


My beautiful Lola was my constant companion for 16 1/2 years. Always by my side, greeting me at the top of the stairs every morning. She loved sitting in the sunshine and snuggling under blankets.

Our connection was instant and powerful. There for each other through the good and the bad.

She loved stealing my seat but we would end up sharing. I loved kissing the top of her sweet soft head and telling her she was mama’s baby. My princess Lola. Lolabelle. I loved you fiercely and will forever.



Our sweet Jameson was the kindest, most loving kitty ever. His favorite things were food, chirping at birdies from the window, and sitting on peoples chests to get snuggles and show his love. He may have only had seven years on this earth, but he gave decades worth of happiness and love to us and our loved ones. He has now joined his big, pitty sister in the good place.


Henry came to our family as a puppy from the Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue. His mom was an Australian Shepherd. His dad may have been a Bernese Mountain Dog, or perhaps a run-of-the-mill hound dog. Whatever his origin story, Henry was the absolute strongest dog, of both mind and body, we’ve ever owned. He was definitely one of a kind. He had our hearts from the first moment we saw him as a roly-poly pudgy pup. Much like his namesake, French soccer player Thierry Henry, Henry’s favorite thing to do was play with his soccer ball. Besides belly rubs and peanut butter bones, his second favorite thing was licking clean all our dirty dishes. Henry gave our family 12 years of happy, aggravating, and wonderful memories to treasure. He was a loving and constant companion who will be missed tremendously. Henry, you will always be in our hearts, minds, and souls.



I adopted Violette from the Richmond Animal Rescue League in March 2008 and we became best friends and the closest of the family immediately. A truly sweet girl with a tender heart, Violette was playful and fun, calm and loving, and ultimately my work partner for the past three years when we spent every day within arms reach starting in March 2020 up until her passing in Nov 2022. She was a beautiful soul who had more human friends who loved and cared for her than I could have ever imagined. She loved to travel and took road trips with us from Key West to Boston. I never thought I could miss someone as much as I miss her but am thankful for every day we spent together. I’m also appreciative of the kind people at Loving Kindness who, from the times we spoke on the phone to the day the kind doctor came to our house to let Violette finally rest and be at peace. She’s our angel now.


Jan 2007 – Oct 2022. We adopted Sonny from the Golden Retriever Rescue when he was 7 years old and he was with us for almost 8 years. The photo is of Sonny doing his favorite thing – doing the Happy Dog. He loved to roll on his back, with or without a toy in his mouth. Sonny, who we nicknamed “Papa” was a very loving and sweet pup, despite his fear of thunderstorms, loud noises, driving in the car, and us being away from him. He would be so excited to see us come in the door after being gone. This big furry dog will be missed every day. We hope he is running and rolling on his back at Rainbow Bridge and we will see him again.


First of all, thank you, Dr. Dahlgren and Emma for your loving care of our Cooper for these past months but mostly for helping him cross over at home so peacefully and beautifully. It is a gift that can never be repaid.

“This past Saturday, our beautiful golden boy, Cooper, (aka Dabbie) crossed over the rainbow bridge at home surrounded by those who loved him most and cared for him in his last difficult months.

Cooper came to us as a SEVA foster three years ago after he arrived in the United States from Turkey. He had been placed with a previous foster who could no longer care for him. Our family had just lost our boy Max, another SEVA boy, a few weeks earlier and we were not certain that we were ready for a foster or a permanent adoption so soon. Well, the rest is history. Despite numerous health issues including debilitating arthritis and being dangerously overweight, our Coop began to progress, lose weight, get healthy, and as a result, so much happier. With patience, love, time, and hard work on his part he became healthier and part of our family permanently.

Cooper loved running and exploring in Bandy Park. He loved his walks, swimming therapy, and most of all he loved eating, eating, and more eating, (which had to be strictly managed and controlled which resulted in many a “stink eye” from our boy). Coop also loved his cold laser treatments and deep massage from Emma, the wonderful therapist who treated him for the last few months. Most of all he loved his brothers Charlie and Eric and his Mama and Dad.

Cooper’s life is a testament to what love can do. Cooper’s message to all is don’t give up on us in difficult times. Stay with me, love me, care for me and I will return that love tenfold. We will miss my sweet baby but I do take comfort in the fact that his last days were filled with love and dignity as he crossed over at home in the arms of those who loved him most and cared for him best.

We will meet again sweet boy. My last words to him as I looked him in the eyes were, ‘I love you, sweet boy, run free now.”



We miss our sweet gentle Jack more than you will ever know. We are so grateful you chose us as your family. Your little sister Poppy is lost without you and are we. We hope to see you again when we cross the Rainbow Bridge ourselves one day.


Zsa Zda

8/26/15 – 6/30/22
My sweet girl, gone too soon! No longer by my side but forever in heart.



My sweet boy I hope you’re chasing tennis balls till your heart’s content and playing with Sadie and driving her nuts. I hope you have a huge room of babies to snuggle with! Love you sweet boy I will miss you but I know you’re in a better place.



My sweet Zena. We met in 2012 and man what a great 10 years we had together. You never let your past define you. You loved everyone you met and boy did you love meeting people. You especially loved the kiddos. You were such and kind and loving soul. We miss you so much mama girl. Thank you for letting me be your mom. I’ll see you again my beautiful old lady. Love you forever and always.



Yesterday we said goodbye to our sweet baby Jackson. Our hearts are broken. He was such a good boy and brought us joy every single day. We had the sweetest day with him the day before. We went on his favorite walk, saw some of his favorite people, and went on a truly amazing car ride. He also enjoyed some of his favorite treats. Over the last week, he enjoyed seeing some of his best dog friends and looking out our front door to protect our home. And lots and lots of cuddles with Mommy, Daddy, and Harvey.

Yesterday, we had the kindest doctor come to our house to help our baby get the relaxation he needs. We had such a gentle and peaceful experience and we are so thankful to them. We were able to hold and love our baby within the comfort of his own home.

We love him so much and know that love is endless.



Flash was the best cat we could have asked for and oh so loved by our family. He was independent and spontaneous but you could always count on him for snuggles when you needed them most. He was patient and loving with our young children and enjoyed relaxing on our front porch. Renal failure took him from us way too soon but know he is now resting peacefully.


Madame was my constant companion for almost all of my 20s and 30s. She ushered me through young adulthood, finding my husband, and becoming a mother. While she’s no longer with us, her loving memory will get us through all the future life changes ahead. We are so lucky that she lived to be 17 and that she chose us.




My sweet Missy, I love you dearly and always will. It’s been you and I for 14 years and I am so grateful I was chosen to be your mommy. I miss you..we all miss you. You have a piece of my heart and I will love you always.

Love your Momma, G-Ma, G, PJ, Ginger, and Leo


Nube (pronounced Noobay. It means Cloud in Spanish)

Nube had as much personality as a human being. He was loving, annoying, vocal, affectionate, needy, sensitive, and a mediator. He always went between all the people in the room to give us the pleasure of his company. If I was in the house, he generally insisted on being on top of me unless he was visiting someone else. I miss him terribly.




Sweet Louise- I miss the click clack of my girl’s toes across the floor and her loud snoring every night. She was right beside me for over 20 years and was a part of my soul. She waited patiently for me every day at the front window; sometimes even on Saturday as she progressed into her old age. We would have to remind her we were home. She was such a funny, quirky old lady. I adored this lovely spitfire of a dog. She stole the hearts of anyone she chose to take an interest in. We will love you forever my beautiful girl.


Heaven gained another Angel! Coach almost made it to his 15 Birthday! He loved to eat it was his favorite part of the day. He loved swinging on the porch swing and that is where he took his last breath. He was the best friend a person could ask for. He made me a better person. RIP sweet Coachie! It’s not goodbye but see you later!! Love Momma, Daddy, sissy & Brother!!


I got Chewy when I was 20 years old, living in my first apartment. And for 12 years, he was a partner to me. Wherever I was, Chewy was right underfoot. He was there when I met the love of my life through the death of my mother, and he was there to welcome my first child home.
I named Chewy for his love of chewing on things, not because I’m an overly obsessed Star Wars fan. He would chew on everything! Belt buckles, cabinet knobs, and the dog’s dog tags. He enjoyed the taste of metal things the most, I guess.

As the years went on, Chewy grew older and older. We guess he was around 19 years old. I would like to think I helped make the last 12 good ones. He helped me in the garden by keeping mice away. And always came in to keep guard while I took a shower. And if I needed help finding the perfect sunbeam spot in the house, he was sure to be there.

My heart is so sore with him now gone. My home is too quiet. I don’t trip nearly as much. I miss my friend. But I know he has found the peace that is without pain. For that, I’m forever thankful. Though my heart is broken, I’ll carry the memories of that little black cat with me forever.

Rest easy, baby.



Thank you Dr. Bidwell for helping our beloved Piglet cross over the rainbow bridge. We are grateful for your compassionate care. Click here to watch Piglet’s memorial video.



My sweet Tonks, I’m so lucky to have been your momma for 13 wonderful years. Thank you for your kind eyes and loud purrs. I’ll miss your daily biscuit making and your loud meows letting me know you’re ready for new water in your fountain. Lou and I will miss you so much and we hope you are at peace and running around with all the kitty friends wherever your spirit may be. Rest in love, my sweet girl. I love you so much.


Blankie, my sweet old sassy girl. We will miss and love you forever. You brought us so much love and comfort for over 11 years. Thank you for choosing us to be your family and leaving behind a piece of you through Lily. I hope you are playing and running as fast as you can across the stars with your brother Coco. You are free.


Teddy Bear

Teddy came to us a 8 week old pup.
We had so many laughs..good..bad..days and he would always be a the door doing something silly when we came home..from climbing into the toy box to stealing strangers hearts..we were blessed with 14 wonderful years with him..he will always be our “stinky butt” or as the groomer would say “spoiled teddy”



Rosie was the most loyal and sweet dog. She touched many lives. There wasn’t a person she did not like. We are so sad and our hearts are broken without her, but we are thankful we had 13 great years with her. We love you Rosie!



Sophie came into our lives unexpectedly in September 2013. She was a SPCA rescue. Sophie gave us 12 years of joy. Sophie was well travelled as we visited many national parks. She loved to hike and enjoyed a nice cool swim in the lakes and the ocean. Sophie was well loved by many and will be missed immensely. Our hearts are broken but her gentile spirit will live forever in our memories.



Genji’s Barking

He was no bigger than a hiking boot
when we brought him home

We didn’t know how old he was,
he didn’t have a name

we named him for Prince Genji,
a hero of old Japan

Until rescued, Genji lived inside a cage
he always disliked open spaces,

we had to teach him how to walk up stairs
and to recognize his name

Genji was almost blind as a young dog
and totally sightless later, but

he was a heroic eater, never missed a
meal, he let you know when it was time

Genji didn’t really run or play much,
he wasn’t great shakes as a dog

He was quiet, soft in most things, but
he seemed to know what we had done

in bringing him into our home, Genji repaid
us well with love

I heard Genji bark twice last night, though
I know that he is gone

When a blind dog barks you go and check
because it’s likely something is wrong

Not this time though, Genji got me up to let
me know that all is well

For Genji.
Adopted 8/17/2012 — Died 12/5/2023
MK Harris




Maggie Mae

Thank you to Dr. Dahlgren for helping Maggie Mae on her journey yesterday. I told MM that she’s allowed to bark at every UPS, Amazon, FedEx or mail truck in Heaven. And it’s OK to bark at all the people and dogs walking down the Pearly streets. 15 years- life well lived Mags!



Trelle was a beautiful soul, inside and out. She loved all the adventures we took her on, from lakes in Maine, to mountain tops in NC and even the beach( but wouldn’t lower herself to get her toes wet!)

She gave us her sweet son, Sky, so she lives on through him.

Trelle is very missed, but we know she is running free and no longer burdened by her failing body. There is comfort in that.
Dr Alex, thank you for gently leading us through the process with your kind compassion. It made the whole process more bearable.



She was ferocious. Ferocious in the way she loved her family. Ferociously sweet and funny. Ferocious in the way she fought cancer. Ferociously curious. She is and will always be ferociously loved.

Katinka taught us all to stop and watch the birds, to be present, enjoy a little sunshine, that a cuddle break is always a good idea, and how to love so completely and unconditionally. She completed our lives, and she completed us. We will always be so grateful for her and the lessons she generously and patiently taught us.

She will be loved forever and missed longingly; she will bring a smile to our faces when the tears stop and the sun comes back out, as she always knew it would and the exact spot it would shine. Always loved and never forgotten.



I miss you so much. Though I know saying goodbye was “the right thing to do”, to release you from any more suffering, as it became harder for you to breathe, it still stings. It’s a lot quieter around here. I miss the pitter patter of your tiny paws on the hardwood floors. I miss your mischievous mayhem and big brown beady eyes looking up at me. I cling to the beautiful 2.5 years of memories we share together. To experience the love of a dog is priceless, but experiencing the love from a senior rescue like you has been so unique and special. I will always make up fun stories about what your first decade of life was like, but I hope the golden years we shared were your best yet!

Thank you for coming into my life and giving me so much laughter and light heartedness when I needed it the most. It started off just me and you, then you were with me when I got married and even helped welcome a new human sister to the world. You were right by my side and I’ll always cherish that time together. My cantankerous but sweet as pie chihuahua sidekick. I will never forget you and will honor your life by living life to the fullest and giving love to all animals, especially sweet senior dogs like you.

Thank you Lovingkindness, Dr Dahlgren, Emma and Brandy, for being so loving and gentle and supportive during a difficult time. Saying goodbye is painful, but they made it peaceful as it could be and I am eternally grateful for that and in awe of their grace and experience.

I know one day we will be reunited again. I hope you’re frolicking up there in true Max fashion with all your furry friends. Dogs DO go to Heaven, you can’t convince me otherwise. Though you are no longer physically here Max, your light will remain with me always and forever. I love you.



Dunkin – End of Watch 10/12/21.



We love you Bongo and are so grateful we got to care for you in your golden years. You brought us endless laughter and so much joy.

I have chosen to leave a flower for this memorial

Karen Woodring




May 2007 a little curly white bundle of love and energy came into our lives. He was our constant loving companion for 16 years 5 months and 10 days! To say I loved this little dog would truly be an understatement.

I pray that each day eases the pain of losing him. My son and I will forever miss him. He’s gone but will never be forgotten. Thanks to Dr. Dahlgren for her kind and compassionate service.



Shadow was such a goofy boy. My chunky man. I had gotten him at 9 years old from my mom. We grew up together. He was my shoulder to cry on, he made me laugh and was just all around such an amazing dog. 12 years later after countless adventures, many many good meals (I swear I only spoiled him alittttleee) and many good nights sleep he had to be laid to rest peacefully. It was the hardest thing in my 21 years of life I had to do. But I can’t thank lovingkindness enough. A calm and loving send off for my favorite boy.


As we said goodbye to our Oliver, we remember how he warmed our hearts for 15 years and joined us at many life milestones, making them that much more delightful! In our daughter’s words, “I just hope we have repaid him for all of the love he’s given us.” 


Zeke "Bobo"

Our little boy!! As soon as I met him I knew he was gonna be a mommas boy. We came into the house and he met us at the door with his tail wagging and waiting for a rub. He slept right in between his dad and I and loved every minute of it. He was our pride and we miss him everyday of our lives. What I wouldn’t give to have one more day and to kiss his little nose. Zeke was diagnosed with lymphoma in June 2022 and left our lives the last day of March, 2023. He took a piece of my heart with him. He fought that cancer with everything he had and even through chemo when we knew he wasn’t feeling well, he still done his best to have that upbeat attitude and showed us he loved us everyday. We know he sends us signs that he is okay and that brings some healing to our heart. To know Zeke was to love him because he was the softest, lovable baby ever. I will never ever forget my bobo. His dad misses those nightly walks and I miss him flopping right on top of me when it was bedtime. We love you Zeke, always remember that. Fly high my angel boy!!!


June wants the world. June wants the whole world. June wants it now!

My sweet baby and constant companion. For 18 years you were always there. For such a tiny kitten, you left a giant whole in our hearts. We love you June bug.



He was loved, and he loved. Clark was a loyal companion, loving son, and protective brother. Our family was blessed to call him ours for almost 13 years. He brought joy, laughter, and love to all he encountered.

He was an excellent sport through costumes, moves, family photos, and adapting to his role as big brother to a spirited toddler. We loved every adventure of our journey together.
Our only regret is that we didn’t have more days and years to spend as a family.

His peaceful passing may have ended his time on earth with us, but we are blessed that love leaves us with his memory.



My best buddy Ty helped me through so much and made my life so much happier. I’m glad he isn’t in pain anymore and I’m glad he’s in doggy Heaven!



Chocolate Cake Day by Megan N. Housby
My legs feel funny, its getting harder to walk, my back hurts, and I can’t guard or patrol like I used to. Mom told Dad that it was time to start making plans. She said I was going to make a magical transition. My brother, Grady, made his transition earlier this year. And my brother, Sebastien, made one a few years ago. They both had to leave quickly and Mom and Dad didn’t get to make their transitions as special. They promised me mine would be special.

Mom started making plans and continued to make sure my pain was controlled. I heard her tell Noni and Uncle Nico that I was going to get chocolate cake on my special day. Mom has never let me have chocolate cake before. I think I will really like it. Then Mom started calling my special day, Chocolate Cake Day.

Mom said I get to pick when my Chocolate Cake Day will be. I can tell it makes Mom sad. Mom said she is ok and that me not being in pain anymore was worth the sadness. I don’t like when anyone is sad. It is my job to love on them and protect them and make them smile. I tell Mom my pain is not that bad and that my Chocolate Cake Day can wait.

I got a few good months where I got to spend time with Mom and Dad. I got to help them and guard and do patrols. I got lots of visitors who loved on me. Aunt Lisa even came to love on me. And I got to spend time with my sister May.

I fell on my walk today. Mom sat with me and rubbed and petted me and loved on me while I gathered enough strength to stand again. She told me I was going to get a special visitor who was going to give me a magical shot that was going to take away all my pain and then I would get to run and play with my brothers again. Then Mom told Dad that she had set a date for my Chocolate Cake Day.

Today is my Chocolate Cake Day. I slept against Mom all night and woke up to her hugging me. I love hugs. Dad gave my lots of yummy options for breakfast and told me it was going to be a good day. I can tell they are both being very brave.

Mom and Dad took me for a ride. I love rides. We stopped at the park and I got to roam around and take in all the sniffs. Then we went to go get the chocolate cake.

When we got home, I chose to lay in the yard. Its a nice day and I love being outside. Mom and Dad sat beside me and rubbed my ears and brushed me. I love those things. I got lots of yummy snacks and then I got my chocolate cake. It was so delicious. My special visitor came. It was Dr. Dahlgren. She helped my brother, Grady, the day of his transition. She was nice to him and to me too. She loved on me and gave me yummy snacks as she gave me the magical shot. I didn’t even feel it. I started getting sleepy. Mom and Dad kissed me and loved on me. They told me they loved me and to go have fun with my brothers and that they would see us all again real soon. It was a good day. Thank you for my Chocolate Cake Day, Mom and Dad. I love you.

Anton 12/30/10 – 11/05/22



Sweet Brutus was my constant companion, following me up and down stairs as I did errands throughout the house, snoring loudly next to me when I worked. But if he wanted something, like a car ride or extra time outside, he made sure he got it. Every time I looked at him, he would lock eyes, and just hold it. Coming home, even if I was gone for a few seconds, I was treated to an exciting game of chase. Brutus was my dear sweet friend and I miss him so much. I love you, Brutus.

Iden II

Iden came to us as an 8-week-old service dog in training from Canine Companions for Independence. As 1st-time puppy raisers we learned along with her. During her advanced training in New York, she decided she’d rather come back to us and live a life of leisure. She worked as a therapy dog for Veterans Moving Forward before retiring. Iden loved to swim, and play hide and seek and was the kindest soul we’ve ever known. She was an integral part of our family. Although we miss her, her spirit is always with us. RIP sweet girl ❤️


We said goodbye to the best girl today.
She was the most passionate fetch player, hiking companion, a chicken enthusiast, the most patient big sister to Loki (dog brother) and to Astrid (human sister) and she was our family for more than nine transformative years. Our little house has more residents than when the three of us first moved in, but it feels a little empty today. Rest In Peace Puffin ❤️.


The first day I brought Malcolm home I could already tell he was special. In less than an hour with me, he knew where he should and shouldn’t go and wanted nothing more than to be right by my side. I’ve never met a dog who loved people as much as he. Everyone he met was a new friend. He was a dog that could do anything. When I wanted to run, he ran with me. When I wanted to be lazy, he snuggled beside me. His myriad of health issues that plagued him all his life served as a template for me to care for my wife when she was diagnosed with cancer. He was my faithful companion who knew me in my teens, 20s, and 30s. He helped make me who I am today. Every single day with him was a blessing and I know for the rest of my life I will never forget the joy and love he brought to my life. I miss you already Malcolm. Thank you for every single day you gave me.


I was blessed to have Bean as my furbaby for 15 wonderful years. She was spunky, sassy, and an eternal kitten…playful, sweet, and empathetic up until the very end, continually comforting me even though she was the one needing comforting. I remember adopting her from the RSPCA as a kitten who wanted nothing to do with me and she quickly turned into the loving cat that wouldn’t leave my side. Her passing was heartbreaking but as peaceful as I could have imagined thanks to the wonderful compassion of Dr. Dahlgren, I am forever grateful her last moments were as touching as they were.

Iden II

Iden II was bred and raised to be a service dog for Canine Companions for Independence. She had different plans! As her puppy raisers, she chose to live her life as our pet. Iden was later certified as a therapy dog and worked for Veterans Moving Forward.

She lived a full 14 years, enjoying chasing balls, swimming, and playing hide and go seek. She was the kindest soul I’ve ever known.

Iden left her paw print on many people’s hearts and will be missed beyond words.


While I have not eaten animals for 30+ years, I was not an “animal” person until I adopted my Ginny, my puppy soulmate, from BARK 10 years ago. She was my little partner when we tabled for the Vegetarian Society and for Humane Investing for many years and was even the mascot for my “Divest from companies that exploit animals” campaign. I did not mind going anywhere as long as she was by my side. Ginny was a funny little girl and everyone smiled when we ran as she did not look like a stereotypical runner. I told her when I said goodbye that if I could make half as many people smile as she did in her short life, I would be happy. Here she is on Saturday right before she left us.



You were the best dog I ever had and will miss you every day until I see you again💔


Ziggy was voted The Top Cat of Richmond in 2020. This was through a contest with Richmond Magazine. They had previously had a Top Dog contest, Ziggy was the first Top Cat. He has had his own Facebook Group since he was a kitten. He had people voting for him from all over the world. These same people have been our support group, praying for Ziggy through his illness, and for me when I made the decision to let him go. I thank Dr. Chris and everyone at Lovingkindness for their compassion and care. I miss him so much, but I have lots of memories and photos, and I’m taking one day at a time.


We had to say goodbye to our sweet old Jules on Monday. She lived a healthy 14 years, as blissful as they get. We’ll miss her howl, her extraordinary gift for licking pots clean, her incessant shedding (maybe not). We’ll miss her unlimited affection, most of all.

Til we meet again on the rainbow bridge, Jules. The yard’s too big without you. We love you. 💔


How lucky we were to have you in our family for 16 years. May heaven have lots of sunny spots for you to curl up and take a nap. We miss you every day. Love you forever, Mi.


Our sweet Marigold…”MG” … as I planted Marigold flowers in one of our first gardens 13 years ago, you came into our life. Running around me and the flowers and the dirt was flying! You fit in immediately with your dog pack and became her dog to our little girl Vena. Memories full of your sweet nature, independent ways, and “junkyard” antics will always bring a smile to our faces and love to our hearts. Safe travels on your daily walks sweet Marigold. We will be listening for you.


The name Zoey means “life”. And that is what she gave me the best life ever with her in it! I was in love with Zoey from the first time I met her at the Pet Smart rescue event. She was standing right out front of the store just waiting for me. I bent down to pet her, she licked my face and I was hooked. She came home with me that day. My life from that day on became so much richer because she was in it. She was the best dog I’ve ever had. We had a unbreakable bond. I am grateful to have known her. And I am grateful to Zoey for choosing me and giving me the honor of being her friend. 12 years was not enough, but that is what we had and they were the best 12 years of my life because of Zoey. I have wonderful memories to carry me forward. You hold a special place in my heart forever Zoey. I love you always my baby girl.


Kasey came into our lives when she was 10 weeks old and spent her 14 years loving everyone. Kasey loved giving kisses to anyone who got close enough. She loved laying in the way and standing up as you stepped over her. She would always lay between mom and the door, as if to say you have to go through me first. She went with mom to work and befriended the entire office. Kasey left a Kasey sized hole in our hearts and will forever be missed.


French Poet Anatole France said ‘until one has loved a animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”. My world has changed forever, There will Never be another like you my sweet 4-legged compainion Apache<3 Your dedication to me over your 13 years was truly a blessing. I will miss my garden buddy, your “voice’ always talking about something, lol, Being able to wrap my arms around your neck and telling you how much Momma loves you. A True companion in every since of the word, I believe that we will see each other again one day and play basketball once again…. Love you 4-EVER “Poot”, Momma


Hank, my rock, my best friend, my always ready to listen, Buddy. I will miss you more than you can imagine. I am so sorry I could not save you from cancer. I only hope you never felt pain.

Run free, sweetie…til I see you again!!


From crazy puppy to Master hunter to sweet old man, you warmed our hearts for 15yrs. You lived to retrieve EVERYTHING! Birds, bumpers, bubbles, and your hedgehog, it didn’t matter. Every party we threw, you thought was for you. You loved your humans, and it was so easy to fall in love with you. Thank you for making our house a home and our family so much richer. You will be forever missed. Rest easy sweet Roo❤️


Zoey was such a sweetheart on the inside, while sounding tough sometimes with her deep bark. She was so funny — playing “whack-a-mole” with any rope toy, whipping it furiously and hitting herself in the process. Sometimes she would sit back on her rump and use her back legs to scratch the backs of her front legs — hard to describe but hilarious to witness. She had many nicknames: Zo-dog, Zo-beast, Zoey-rat, ZoZo. She struggled in the end with mobility challenges and canine cognitive disorder and we would have done anything to keep her going longer, but we are so blessed that we had nine years and one month past the date the shelter was going to euthanize her. Rest in peace, sweet Zoey — you are forever in our hearts.


He held on to the very end, walking to the door every day to greet me as I woke up in the morning and arrived from work, even though his body was slowly betraying him. He kept trying to eat even when it was hard for him, because I would kindly ask him to try to eat a little more. He was a stubborn cat and loved life. He was not a friendly cat by nature, but always knew when something was troubling me. Like when I lost my job, my business, lost my brother & other times. He was an indoor cat, but his last moments were outside in the grass where he always loved to explore, as the vet pulled up to my house. He passed peacefully & painlessly in his home, because I promised him I would never take him in a car ride again.


Our sweet Duke, our son’s constant companion. We’ll never forget you.


Sweetest girl- we miss you and love you. Rest easy ❤


Lucky was patient with all the crazy animals we’ve had. She was easy going and loyal. I know we’re not supposed to have favorite children but I did. She was my favorite.


Denali, there are no words to describe how much you will be missed and what a perfect dog you were. 11 years still didn’t seem long enough, but we’re thankful you aren’t in pain anymore. We hope doggy heaven has snow storms just for you. Love you always


SOMEONE ONCE SAID that having a good dog brings you years of joy and happiness, and companionship, followed by a single day of crushing anguish and sorrow; and after that, weeks of unbearable grief and prolonged mourning.

They were right.

Click here to read full memorial.


This is my beautiful Zoey. I miss her so much but I do have beautiful memories. It just hurts right now.


Abby will always be remembered as the sweetest and most loyal best friend a family could ever ask for. She has made such an imprint on our hearts, she will be loved by us forever. Her angel will walk beside us always. We love you Abby! Forever and always.

Ella May

This is Ella May when she first came into my life at 5 weeks old. She was my faithful companion and protector for over 14 years. She had a big personality and was very sassy. The two things she loved most were food and her friends. She will be greatly missed.


This is my beautiful little Cookie. She was with me for 16 years and kept me company after my children left home. My house is so quiet and empty now. She was a very affectionate cat and would either lay next to me or lay on me if I was on the sofa or bed. If I had to be away for a day or two, when I got home, she would follow me around like a little dog. I am absolutely devastated at her loss. She will forever be in my heart.


My sweet Girlfriend, losing you has gutted me. In your final weeks, I kept finding myself thinking “this is so unfair,” before reminding myself that I have never believed in a world that promises fairness. But you deserved to be exempt from that, and I guess I believed you would be. Thank you for loving me and being such an amazing companion. I miss you completely.


Lulu was a sweet and gentle giant. Her absence leaves a painful hole in my heart. I will always love and miss her.

Kiley Belle

Oh, my sweet Kiley Belle. Our gentle giant. You are missed far more than words can say. We cherish every memory we have of you. You had the most loving and loyal spirit. How blessed we were to rescue you when we did. You never met a stranger, and you made this world a better place just by being in it. I hold you in my heart, sweet girl. Until we meet again…


Lulu was our best girl and when we knew it was time for her to go it broke our hearts, but we knew it was for the best. We had to remind ourselves that she is in a better place now with all of those who we loved who have sadly passed away. She will always and forever have a very special place in our hearts and in our home.


Thank you so much to Dr. Alex and Gail for your care. You made all the difference in his comfort during his last months. We are forever grateful to you



Julio defied all cat stereotypes and was the kindest and most loving cat I have ever known. He’d come to me when called just as quick as our dogs would. He loved to play fetch with a crumpled up piece of paper, and also loved “walkabouts”, when he’d sit on my shoulders while we walked around the house. But he loved cuddling and affection the most. Julio was my steadfast companion for 15 years and showed me that cats are also capable of unconditional, never ending love and affection. Goodbye, little buddy. I miss you terribly.


A bright sunny spot to our family and friends for many years. Always alongside us for joyful moments and hard moments.

You loved to play, usually choosing to run alongside dogs that were multiple sizes larger than you.

You grabbed a stick whenever you were extra happy. I had to rescue a frog you picked up in the backyard.

You loved to sleep, especially in the sun. We joked you were solar powered.

Sleeping under blankets, on top of blankets, pillows, jackets, stuffed animals. Anything soft and accessible was a sleeping spot to you.

You thought of yourself as another human, and you had complex emotions.

It was hard for you when we had our first kid, we learned from our vet that you were likely depressed when life changed that first time.

Years later, that first kid became your trusted buddy.

Your favorite human was clear from the day one. You were her shadow wherever she went.

Sometimes a little too much like a shadow, and more a tripping hazard!

You were such a tough buddy. You pushed yourself to keep walking, keep moving, and stay active even when it was really hard for you.

As you got older, we invested in many rugs & runners so you could keep moving like you wanted to.

We are so thankful to the Loving Kindness team. we are especially appreciative of Dr Dahlgren and her incredible care for Baxter at our home.

Baxter, we miss your presence, but we are so glad you are in a better place. We will remember you forever



In loving memory and forever in our hearts, young Harlem, the biggest!




The hardest part of having a dog is saying goodbye. Apollo was the best boy ever. He brought much joy and laughter to his people and is missed greatly. Our hearts are broken but at peace knowing he is no longer in pain. Forever loyal, forever loved.



We love you Patsy! You never lost that wild spirit from your kitten years on the farm, but you let us in to your heart and we are so lucky to have been loved by you. We will miss your comforting presence, but know you are now with your sister Minnie.

Bane Bongo Boy

They will not go quietly,
the pets who’ve shared our lives.
In subtle ways they let us know
their spirit still survives.
Old habits still can make us think
we hear them at the door
Or step back when we drop
a tasty morsel on the floor.
Our feet still go around the place
the food dish used to be,
And, sometimes, coming home at night,
we miss them terribly.
And although time may bring new friends
and a new food dish to fill,
That one place in our hearts
belongs to them…
and always will.

Unsure who wrote this but it fits perfectly with how broken our hearts are to lose Bane. We love you Bane so much! You will always be loved big bongo boy.

With all the love in the world,
Your moms



Daffodil better known as Dilly was a beautiful loyal sweet girl. She was there for everyone including her 2 litters of kittens. A total of 11. Though she was tiny in size, her personality was huge. She knew when you were feeling down and was a great listener. It was almost as is she used to be human. It was a running joke in the family. She was sassy and loved to be in the middle of a conversation. Especially when you mentioned her name. She loved to snuggle and loved meeting new faces. She even loved the rain, the snow, and a freshly mopped floor. she will be missed dearly by her daughter Daisy and son Dustin. My family will never forget her.


The best half dog hobgoblin to ever scrape her back legs across this earth. It’s not goodbye, it’s I’ll see you soon. Wait for me. No matter how long it is, you will be who I want to see first on the other side.


We sent Lola over the rainbow bridge on March 10th. With Dr. Bidwell’s help, she passed peacefully at home in her bed by the fireplace. Even though I’m relieved she is in a better place, I feel a kind of sadness I’ve never felt before. Lola was the sweetest and kindest dog. The first few months in this country were difficult. But when I got Lola, she made everything better. Through several moves, many life changes and all the ups and downs, she was always by my side. She had such a gentle soul. I’ll never forget her sweet cuddles and (ear) kisses.

Lola, I can’t put in words how much I miss you. I’m so sorry I couldn’t get myself to write this earlier (I’ve been a mess without you). Thank you for the beautiful 14 years. I hope that wherever you are, there is lots of swimming and all the food you love. I hope you forgave me for making the decision. You’re forever in my heart.

“There’s no one in town I know, you gave us some place to go” – That’s from a Jimmy Eat World song that’s now ‘your song’. Love you and miss you my sweet girl.



We adopted Reece when he was 3 months old, back in 2008. 2 days before Halloween so the kids named him Reecie Pieces Peanut Butter Cup, Reece for short. He had been abused and had acid burns on his back. He was such a timid puppy with a loyal and loving heart. Over the years he found his confidence but always remained skittish. He was my guardian, my kids best friend and my boyfriends companion. He was goofy, playful and hyper at times but always made us happy. We will miss you Reece more than you can ever imagine. We are thankful for LivingKindness as an option to give you a calm, stress free and dignified passing. We love you!


For you Jessie

By the edge of a wood, at the foot of a hill,
is a lush, green meadow where time stands still.
Where the friends of man and woman do run,
when their time on earth is over and done.

For here, between this world and the next,
is a place where each beloved creature finds rest.
On this golden land, they wait and they play,
till the Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.

No more do they suffer, in pain or in sadness,
for here they are whole, their lives filled with gladness.
Their limbs are restored, their health renewed,
their bodies have healed, with strength imbued.

They romp through the grass, without even a care,
until one day they start, and sniff at the air.
All ears prick forward, eyes dart front and back,
then all of a sudden, one breaks from the pack.

For just at that instant, their eyes have met;
Together again, both person and pet.
So they run to each other, these friends from long past,
they time of their parting is over at last.

The sadness they felt while they were apart,
has turned into joy once more in each heart.
They embrace with a love that will last forever,
and then, side-by-side,
they cross over . . . together.

See you and Jacob one day


Fat One

The vet knew you as Bashful, but to us, you’ll always be Fat One- the kitten with the head too big for his body when we bottle fed you at 10 days old as a rescue. You always wanted nothing more than to be curled up on my chest or above my head on my pillow. You were part of my life for 18 years and will always be part of my heart❤️ I was honored to be your person❤️


We will miss that big head, massive neck, muscular jaws, and those little ears. Someone once said he looked “menacing”, but he was the gentlest and friendliest dog. He was found a stray in Richmond, and when tested by Animal Control for adoptability he received the highest score. We were blessed that he became part of our lives and brought us joy every day. You were the “best Biggie in the world”!


Our sweet goofball Teddy was such a joy and we feel like we won the lottery when we adopted him from a local rescue when he was a year old. He was a very special member of our family for almost 14 years and we will
miss him everyday. Thank you for your compassion and kindness when it was time to say goodbye.


November 11, 2010-December 6, 2022
Percy was in our lives for 12 wonderful years. He brought so much joy and laughter into the lives of everyone he met. The official pug motto is “multum in parvo” which means “much in little.” Percy lived up to that motto. He was a little dog with a big personality. He was our family’s faithful guardian (yes, he considered himself a ferocious guard dog) and loyal companion. He was wicked smart and could convince anyone he met into giving him an extra treat or two. We are going to miss him more than words can express.
Percy, if love could have saved you, you’d have lived forever. Rest easy, sweet prince. You will forever be in our hearts.



Floyd was the best puppy !! We had a great 13 years together as a family. He and his “brother” Aaron grew up together from the time Aaron was 5 till he left for college. We miss him so much right now…..Hope he is off running around and has found a great river with lots of crabs and crabpots to climb up on. Love you buddy !!! RIP Floydakin !!!


Tyson was a great friend and family member! We miss him dearly. . . May he Rest In Peace!


We shared lots of fun and adventures. Road in carriages on horses and swam in lakes and rivers. Your body betrayed you and you had to leave. You will forever be missed my sweet Harley man.


We will love you always. Thank you for 14 awesome years. We miss you more than you will ever know. Love you forever.


After a month-long illness, my buddy Axel lost his battle due to cancer. His condition had deteriorated and greatly diminished his quality of life. I felt compelled to make the agonizing decision to put him down. Instead of taking him to the vet which would have been difficult because he could no longer jump up into the car, and not wanting to traumatize him by forcing the issue I called a mobile vet. Please know that he passed peacefully in my arms with dignity in his own home that he had happily known for almost 11 years. All of the neighbors loved him and he made friends every place he went. He will live on in my memory and in my heart forever.


You were so loved. And now greatly missed. As you crossed over the rainbow Bridge just know that you rescued us. Not the other way around. You were an amazing boy and can’t wait to see you again. You were the best behaved and the most loving baby. Your the best and sorely missed. Love you dude.


Baxter will forever be in my heart! He was so playful and loving I couldn’t have been more lucky to have had him in my life. This was him when he was a baby with his favorite toy. I spent many years checking the puppy section in any store I was in to try and replace it after we misplaced the second Mr. Beaver toy. Anything for my little man! I love you my sweet Bax!


Bebe was the sweetest girl, since the day she stepped into our house. The memory of her way of just flopping into my lap, like she was doing a trust fall, will forever be one of the sweetest memories. She was always kind and loving to her pet siblings, very social and trusting with humans outside of the family too. She graced us with 16 years of unconditional love and companionship, and we count ourselves incredibly lucky for it. Rest peacefully, sweet Bebe.


Piper was a loyal and loving dog. We grew up together and navigated through life together. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. He was home for me no matter where we went or lived.


We got Bella in 2016 so we didn’t have as much time with her but she was a great cat. She wasn’t fond of playing or being picked up but could be counted on for cuddles and head bonks.


On January 11th we said goodbye to our fur baby Alice. She was the most caring, loyal, loveable being – she touched so many peoples’ lives with her sweetness. RIP my dear baby girl. We will miss you and will love you until the day we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge. Xox ❤️🙏🌈


We rescued Sissy when she was 12. She had been abandoned in a drug house without food, water, or air conditioning. She was dying and wasn’t supposed to live two months but she thrived with us for almost four years. She was a once in a lifetime gift. She was cherished. She was loved. She left this world peacefully, wrapped in our arms and in her favorite blanket.

Hershey Bear

Hershey Bear was a 140lb Rottweiler we purchased from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania back in November of 2014. At that time we were going through some huge life changes of ending military service, new careers, and moving to Virginia. My son was just about to turn 5 and I thought it was a good time for a pet. I never had pets growing up but loved Rottweiler dogs for some reason. Hershey Bear was a rascal. He was smart, energetic and loving. He had his own personality, and facial expression that made us laugh. He saw us through 3 houses and a few month lay over at my parents as we took care of them post surgery. Hershey comforted me through a miscarriage and loved on my two new babies when they came. Hershey loved his big brother Brandon and would welcome him home from school every day. Hershey loved to give daddy kisses and he was mommy’s baby pup. He followed me everywhere, laid at my bed, cuddled with me on the couch and waited patiently every day for our walks. When I was pregnant people used to gasp at my belly and big dog walking in all weather. Hershey loved other dogs, he didn’t care if they barked at him or carried on, he just wanted to play. I always felt a level of protection with Hershey Bear around. After his passing I wonder what will happen if there is ever a fire or a burglar. He’s not here to alert me. Hershey was the talk of the neighborhood sitting on the front porch overlooking the yard. He loved trips to Home Depot, the beach, hiking trails and anywhere he could roam and sniff. He loved chasing balls and when he was young he tried to catch the deers but never quite could. His loss to our family is significant, heartbreaking and heavy. We loved him dearly and will miss him until we see him in Heaven. We love you Hershey Bear and will remember you always. There will never be a Poochie like you.


Seamus, you curmudgeon, we love you, we miss you ❤️


He was a rag-tag, matted, fence-jumping rescue cat when we welcomed him 12 years ago. He led us on many a “merry” chase, but in the end, he was sleeping on my pillow and serving as my morning alarm clock. We miss him so much. I know we will never stop grieving for him.


Kiwi (or fondly known as OG Fat Fat….he was 22lbs at one point) was with our family for 17 years. Every single pet we have ever had was brought in (and three were lovingly led out) with our little chunk butt. He was the cat that all our cat-hating friends loved. He loved belly rubs and toe rubs…..any rubs. He was the one to break our rescue pittie of his cat aggression (they became inseparable friends over the six years they knew each other), and he was one of the first pets I was lucky enough to share with my stepson and husband. He will be sorely missed but always remembered.


Rest In Peace to Javi, a spunky, loving little guy until the end. He blessed this planet and my family for almost 18 years with his sweet presence and gentleman-like charm. He truly was a big playful dog trapped in a small dog’s body. Javi, you are already so missed. 💜


Nala… You always were the sweetest-natured kitty. We had 17+ years together and loved having you as part of the family. Sending you off now with a light heart and our love.


Momo, you were my sweet little lady. You lived your life with a quiet, peaceful disposition, content and happy to just be yourself. You loved being in my lap, sharing your warmth. I’d give anything to sit and hold you again. I hope you feel just as at ease now as you did here with me. I love you always.


One January, over 16 years ago, I scooped up a 10 week old feral kitten out of the snow, brought him home with me to my “first place,” named him Hobbes, and watched him grow to become the most affectionate house cat you’d ever come across. I’ve had people comment “Boy, you can tell that cat really loves you.” It’s mighty high praise to be so outwardly loved by a cat that other people notice. For all the love he gave me, I returned it just as much. He was my baby boy (even at age 16). He has been with me for nearly my entire adult life and now I really have to learn what my life looks like without him in it. I look forward to the time when joy of the memories out stripes the pain of the loss, but I will love him and miss him forever and always.


Rest easy, sweet Pepe. Even since we brought you home in 2006, you were the best cuddle buddy, ice cream thief, and conversation companion. We love you and miss you.


I love all of my fur babies but Cache was probably my favorite dog ever. Just a gentle giant. He caught everyone’s attention when ever we took him out. Some would run because of his giant size, others would ask if they could take a picture of him/with him. His bark was loud and deep (like echoed in our quiet neighborhood) but I assure you, he was the biggest lover and probably wouldn’t hurt a fly. Always wanted to be by his humans. He lived for cookies/treats, steak and pizza nights. Your life was cut short, but we made the best of it. Run free my boy. We will see you again one day buddy. Until then, love you my hammy ❤


Our sweet Bailey girl blessed my husband and I with over 11 years of her presence. She was the sweetest and most gentle lab. She brought joy to everyone she met with her Eeyore like demeanor and calmness. I could not watch her you suffer even for a day. We are sad that our new little one didn’t get to meet you in August but thankful for the time we had together.


Max, you came into our lives at 12wks old and you gave us 13 wonderful years of unconditional love and being a great brother to Coco. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog to walk by side for all those years. It just wasn’t long enough and I miss you deeply. You never met a stranger and loved everyone. You will forever live in hearts.


We got Spader at 9 weeks old and loved him until the end, just short of 15 years. He loved us, his two dog brothers, taking walkies, and sitting in the warm sun enjoying himself like Ferdinand the bull. He had so much personality and heart. We’ll miss him dearly.


He was a rescue and a wild boy. We spent 13.5 years together. He went to 30-some states with me, watching my back and always keeping things interesting. He’ll be dearly missed but can now run without a tether.


The Rainbow Bridge gained another furbaby; Blizzard made it to 13 and that, in itself, was a huge feat for a polar bear this size. No more barking at leaf ninjas; no more chasing deer off the property; no more slobber-skating on our kitchen floor; no more barreling through baby-gates to escape the big-bad-thunder; she left a huge hole in our hearts and we miss her so much already; Now go baby girl – go chase all the deer you want!! RIP baby girl, November 19, 2008-November 22, 2021.
cat laying down


Hundley chose us for his family one spring day in 2014. I took our oldest daughter, who was 6 at the time, to a pet adoption event at Petsmart “just to look.” She went straight to his cage and said, “I want this one mommy!” I looked into the kennel and saw a scruffy and sad looking lab/hound mix. I said, “Let’s keep looking honey. It says he’s 5-6 years old. Don’t you want a puppy instead?” Before we could leave, a volunteer let him out. My daughter sat down on the floor with him, and he laid his head in her lap. With all the noise of the other dogs at the event, Hundley waited there quietly, just happy to be petted and certain that he had found his forever family. “Just to look” turned into 7 years of lots of treats, belly rubs, comfy naps on beds and trips to the beach. He was the gentle companion my children loved on, and he watched them like a hawk if they were playing outside. I think we were the only people who gave him a fair shot in life. He’d never been brushed before or had a bath. I think he had scavenged for food before he ended up in a kill shelter. At some point in his early life he had been tied tightly by a rope, judging from the permanent scar around his neck. His ear was torn and he limped from an old injury. Despite all of this, he had perfect manners on the leash and was a loving soul. He demanded his breakfast and dinner loudly, right up to the end even as the oral cancer was spreading and making eating difficult. I’m so glad we didn’t pass him by that day at Petsmart. I’m so glad he somehow knew we were the people for him. Letting him go was so very hard, but we will always remember and miss him.


Eli was our best buddy for 15 years. He had the biggest heart and was always a gentleman–even when surrounded by little kids who always wanted to give him a hug. We miss him terribly.


Rascal, one of our first fosters, was a real life rascal. He was special to us for 14 yrs. We miss you, handsome boy. In our hearts forever.
cat laying down


For almost 19 years Pepper brought us joy with his loyal companionship. He made us smile and laugh with his silly antics. We miss you sweet Pepper. Rest in peace.


10/22/2007 – 6/28/2021
Saying goodbye to our sweet, loving Radar was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. Radar was a kind soul who loved everyone he ever met. His gentle spirit and fun-loving presence will be greatly missed. Fly High Sweet Boy 💙


6/30/2005 – 6/20/2021

I have lost part of my heart and soul that can never be replaced. My constant companion that gave me fulfillment when my life was at it’s worst and at it’s best. She was my person and I was hers. I hope you are running free again and have no pain. Will see you again, my love, on the other side! A void now exists in my life, but will treasure your memory forever.


On a hot August day in 2006, Harley followed me across a parking lot to my car. After a few moments and meows, I scooped her up and brought her home. From day one, she followed us from room-to-room, always wanting to be in our laps, beside us, or in the middle of everything. We celebrated holidays and birthdays with her. For 15 years, Harley filled our home and hearts with love.

And now, we have this incredible sadness… we miss you Harley and and we love you.


We adopted this sweet baby at 10 years old from a shelter where she was surrendered by her owner! Apparently, her neurological issues were too much for the owner. Mallory lived in our home for two years and thrived with our other three dogs. I have adopted, fostered, and volunteered in shelters for over forty years, and this pup was hands down the sweetest I had ever met! Loved everybody and everything! Run free sweet girl, you are missed so much!


Banjo (The Banj, Banjy, fella) was the sweetest boy and he will be missed so so much. I had him for 12 years but I wish it could have been forever. He loved food, snuggles, and sunbeams. Food most of all. He helped me through some really hard times and I will forever be grateful. Your daddy, your sisters, your grandparents, and I will miss you so much Banj. I hope I see you again one day but in the meantime I will look for you in all the sunbeams.


Rusty (“Bub”) was a one of a kind and a huge part of our lives for nearly 15 years. Our hearts are so heavy without him but we are thankful for the many wonderful years that he brought to us and the joy that he created. The muddy paw prints that were once on the kitchen floor are forever imprinted on our hearts. He will be forever missed.


SPOOKY ,I will never forget you. You chosen me to take care and love you. You was there when I was at my lowest. Seem to know my emotion. I miss you Spooky.
Love mom

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