How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please reach out by sending in an appointment request on our website, or calling or texting us at 804-476-2338. We will respond promptly during business hours. We can usually accommodate requests for an in home euthanasia within 24-48 hours and can sometimes provide same day appointments.

What happens with my pet after the appointment? What if I do not want cremation?
After the appointment, with your permission, we will transport your pet to Agape Pet Services. They will provide the cremation service of your choosing, either returning the ashes to your family if you choose private cremation, or spreading the ashes in an approved location if you choose communal cremation. If cremation is not the right choice for you, we will leave your pet in your care.
Do I need to be a patient of yours to use your services?
No, you do not need to be a pre-existing client to use our services. We will ask the name of your regular veterinary clinic so we can update them about the appointment.
How much does the appointment cost?

The cost of an in-home euthanasia is $275 plus a travel fee which will be calculated based on your address. If requested, we can also provide aftercare which is dependent on your cremation choice and pet size. Our fees for cremation services can be found here.

How do I know if it is time?

We also offer Quality of Life assessment appointments with either a veterinarian or a veterinary nurse, either in your home or virtually as telehealth consult. For families that aren’t sure what the next step is and need some additional guidance on options and next best steps, we also offer a brief email consultation with a veterinarian.

Schedule an appointment here.

We also have quality of life resources on our website that many clients find helpful to review themselves if they are wondering if the time has come.

Where will the appointment take place? Can I meet you somewhere if I do not want to do the appointment at my home?
We are an in-home mobile service, so typically we come to your home. If you prefer the appointment to happen somewhere else (such as a friend or family member’s home), we can usually accommodate as long as it is in our service area. Please ask when you are scheduling. We do not have a physical location to meet you at, however, so the appointment does need to take place somewhere of your arranging.
How do we take care of payment? What are the payment options?
We accept payment in the form of Check, Credit card/Debit, Cash and Scratch Pay ( link). Please note we do not accept Care Credit.
What should I do with my other pets, can they be present?
We are comfortable including all family members at our appointments, but we do want the focus of the appointment to be on the pet we are assisting. If your other pets do not allow this to be possible, we may suggest they move to another room. We do feel it is helpful to allow other pets to visit with the deceased pet afterwards, and we will allow time for them to say goodbye before we take the body if we are helping with aftercare. More information on how to support other pets can be found here.
What do I do if my pet passes before you arrive?
If your pet passes at home before your appointment, please reach out and let us know as soon as possible so we may offer the appointment up to another pet and family in need. If you were planning on cremation, we can help provide transportation to Agape. Please give us a call or text to discuss.
Do you do pawprints?

Yes, we provide a complimentary Paw Pals impression print with your appointment. You may request additional Paw Pals prints for an additional fee. Agape has other Memorial Products that you are welcome to order directly from their website.