In-Home End of Life and Comfort Care


What We Do

We offer the highest quality of medicine and care in the comfort of your home. But we also offer the oldest and most powerful of pain relievers: loving care for both you and your pet.

At-Home Euthanasia

In the comfort of our own home, surrounded by our loved ones, is where most of us would wish to take our last breaths. We can help to provide a gentle and unrushed, peaceful home euthanasia for your pet when the time comes to say goodbye.

At-Home Hospice Care

Caring for a pet during their final days is never easy. We will come to your home, review medical records, perform a physical exam, assess the quality of life, assess your home environment, and help your family to formulate a plan for care.

We provide personalized, gentle end of life care in the home.

A pet’s end of life can be a confusing and stressful time for families. They face many changes and sometimes, multiple health problems. It can be so hard to know what is really best for your pet. What would they want if they could talk to us? How can we make sure their golden years truly shine? We bring our years of experience and advanced training in pain management, comfort care, behavior, and hospice to help you navigate your pet’s end of life journey.

Your needs and your pet’s condition are truly unique, and their care should be just as individualized. By providing in-home care that is personalized to your needs and support that is just a phone call, text, or email away, we partner with you to provide low-stress, integrative, and gentle care.

"I would not dream of saying goodbye to a pet without Loving Kindness Vet Care. Super professional, super understanding and sensitive to such a delicate situation. If I am ever in need of services like this again Loving Kindness Vet Care would be my first and only call."

– Scott S.

"We highly recommend this service, not only because of their professionalism and care but because this is a far better way to handle a very difficult situation. A special thanks to Dr. Alex Dahlgren who did a great job with our sweet dog to ease her suffering."

– Paul S.

"It was a god sent to learn of Lovinkindness. I never knew this service of at home care existed. Alex was patient in explaining everything that needed to be done. We could not have gotten through this without you. I cant thank you enough."

– Keisha M.

"The services provided by Lovingkindness was exceptional. As this was a difficult time for me, the kind words and console from Lovingkindness Vet was appreciated. They even have a memorial page, I would definitely recommend. Thank you again, Lovingkindness Veterinary Care I’m so glad that I entrusted my sweet Harmony to you."

– Lynn B.

At Lovingkindness Veterinary Care, your pet is in good hands.

Fear Free

Fear Free Professionals have received unparalleled education on emotional wellbeing, enrichment, and the reduction of fear, anxiety, and stress in pets. Read more about this initiative by clicking here.

Certification in Hospice and Palliative Care

The Certification in Hospice and Palliative Care involves over 100 hours of course work, case reports, and a final exam. This program aims to standardize and define the skills and knowledge required of individuals and organizations offering animal hospice and palliative care, and establish a standard of care that will reflect a level of excellence achieved by those individuals who have obtained certification.” Read more about the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care.