Your safety comes first, and we’re prepared to enter your home.

Safety comes first, always.

We are committed to protecting our families, ourselves, and our patients during the global pandemic. Please let us know if you have any specific questions or concerns.

As much as we wish we could, we won’t be hugging or shaking hands, and we will keep our distance as much as possible from humans.

We will wear a mask and ask that if possible, you also wear a mask, unless we are at a safe distance. We will use hand sanitizer, hand washing, and sanitizing wipes on equipment.

We are asking that our appointments be performed in an outdoor space if possible. If we must go into the home, we will limit our time inside the house to only what is necessary to examine your pet and/or provide treatment. We will not have conversations in the home or other interactions that can be performed over the phone, online, or outside.

For all new acupuncture, pain management, and hospice patients, we are asking that we first meet online via a virtual quality of life consult. After our virtual consult, we can schedule a time to come to the home for an in-person visit. This allows us to limit the time at the home to just what is needed to examine your pet and provide treatment. We understand that at times, an in-person visit will be necessary, but we will try to schedule a telemedicine appointment for follow-ups and medication adjustments for current patients.